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      2018 China International Lead-Zinc week and the 21th China International Lead-Zinc Annual Conference

      Publication time:2018-11-08

      On October 31, 2018, 2018 China International Lead-Zinc week and the 21th China International Lead-Zinc Annual Conference was held in the Crowne Plaza of Dongling in BaojiCity, Shanxi Province. The four-day meeting was hosted by the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association and hosted by Beijing Antaike Information Co., Ltd. There are domestic and overseas major lead and zinc production enterprises, consumers, traders, investment institutions, and scientific research institutes attended to the conference. This conference closely revolved around the three major themes: "New era, New requirements, and New pattern.", Through expert lectures, CEO forums, market reports and other forms, the conference focus on the analysis of the current Lead-Zinc industry facing the macro environment, industry development, market supply and demand situation,  enterprise development and the proper ways to reach cooperation.

      On behalf of Guangdong Jinyi Alloy products Co., Ltd., Mr. Song Zikun (Assistant General Manager) delivered a speech entitled "Today and tomorrow of the Die-casting Zinc Alloy Market in China". In his speech, Mr. Song Zikun pointed out that although the Chinese die-casting zinc alloy market has leaped through the period of rapid development and reached maturity, in the long term, the demand for it in the downstream industry will continue to grow. Also, he showed the demand advantage of die-casting zinc alloy in downstream industry by demonstrating multiple data source. Through the analysis of the industry and the downstream market, the development of the die-casting zinc alloy industry might face various challenges at this stage due to the internal and external economic environment, national policies and other factors, however, die-casting zinc alloy will enter the stage of industry integration, and the market will gradually level off in the future.

      Mr. Song Zikun, Assistant to the General Manager of the Company

      Mr. Song ZiKun gave a speech in Lead-Zinc week

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