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      "Moral Lecture" for migrant Workers in Qujiang District

      Publication time:2018-06-28

      Guangdong Jinyi alloy official news:

      On the morning of August 10, 2012, "Moral Lecture"of migrant workers, sponsored by the Administration Committee of the Qujiang Economic Development Zone of Shaoguan City, the Bureau of Human Resources andSocial Security of the Qujiang District of Shaoguan City, was organized at theCultural Center of Guangdong Jinyi Alloy Products Co., Ltd. Many enterprisessent their representative migrant workers (more than 60 people) to attend the lecture.

      The "moral Lecture" formigrant workers was delivered by Chen Huaming, the executive director ofGuangdong Jinyi Alloy products Co., Ltd. He mentioned that the moral stories ofthe kind people around the migrant workers, such as helping others, actingboldly, being honest and trustworthy, loving one's post and respecting one's work,showing respect to parents, and so on. Then publicizing the advanced deeds of"the heroes of normal people". Through the form of "singingsongs, learning English models, reciting classics, showing kindness, andsending auspiciousness" in the lecture to impart moral ideas to migrantworkers, making the employees feel amiable, respectable, credible, andlearnable to those showing civilized morality. This lecture helped improvingtheir moral literacy, the spread of kind people and good deeds, which built agood social atmosphere.

      Mr Chan Huaming, executivedirector ofJinyi, delivering a lecture

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