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      Energy saving and environmental protection is the foundation of Jinyi people's factory building

      The company has always instilled the concept of "running a green factory" into every "golden billion people" and throughout all aspects of enterprise scientific research, production and product supply, adhere to the "energy-saving and environmental protection" as the basis of the factory, increase the cost of environmental protection in production links, establish quality, environmental management system operation mechanism to ensure the realization of production. Energy saving, environmental protection and efficient circular development.

      The company uses self-designed clean energy manufacturing equipment - - - high-purity cold gas producer to provide the fuel needed for production - - - clean gas; the use of self-developed, intelligent property rights of the hot air loop high-efficiency smelting furnace to produce zinc alloy, can reduce energy consumption, save costs, and achieve green environmental protection, so that the finished product is not. Contaminated.

      The company has a set of professional environmental protection facilities to control environmental pollution. The exhaust gas is absorbed by liquid and treated by medicine, and the dust is absorbed and recycled by a self-designed pulse cloth bag chamber. When the cooling water is purified and reused, it can save resources and purify the environment, and achieve zero discharge. Therefore, the company has passed the certification of ISO14001 environment system of SGS, an international authoritative institution.

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      Address: A5 District, Bai Tu Town Economic Development Zone, Qujiang District, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province

      Address: No.34 Jinyi Center, Guangfo Road, Huangqi, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

      Tel:0757-85921801 / 81181809(Foshan)

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